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daddy .

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CB videos of 2013 (including features & cameos).

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a/n: these adds might be long to some, but if you’re aware of my writing, i tend to get into it and find it hard to stop… i’ll add again on saturday!


1 | the great escape

“You got everything, right?” Lucas Nuit’s voice boomed smoothly through the FaceTime session he was enduring with his eldest son.

Twenty two year old Demetri Nuit managed to zip his coat up and nod at the same time, but honestly. It wasn’t a big deal, and he wasn’t going to be gone for long, but his father’s concerns were understandable.

It didn’t matter that he was only going to Mountain Town, a few hours away for a winter retreat. It was no different than driving to USC – to a fault. This time of the year was always met with a bunch of apprehension when someone left or arrived, but he promised that he’d be safe this time.

Rose would be coming a bit later with her fiancé, but she promised to bring a girl from her dorm for him to hang out with, so that was cool. It wasn’t supposed to be a couples’ thing.Demetri was against it at first,but after a while, he wasn’t really stressing over that as much as he thought he’d be.

The expressions his face painted a different story though, and everyone had something to say about that.

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Chris Brown FT Lil Wayne & Too $hort - Loyal (New)

West Coast version!!

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do you want any help running this blog? I want to help.

You want to help? With what? Come off anon or follow us on Twitter (@fycmb) to discuss how you could help. :)

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Hey...where did ya'll go? :/

We kinda sorta fell off the face of the earth when we got busy with our personal lives and literally began to have zero free time (and when we did, it sadly wasn’t used to update).

But at least I, Becca, will be trying to update more and actually give TB heads up on what’s going on w/ Chris nowadays and I’m sure once I start getting back in the groove of AT LEAST weekly updates, Kee will hop back on too (if she has the time…).

We’re super sorry for the sudden stop of posts and we want to thank ya for noticing our absence. We’ll be up and running soon, hopefully, as if we never disappeared. 

Love to all our followers! FUCK YEAH!

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We’re late saying this but… Happy December to y’all! Party up, it’s the last month of the year. Enjoy your favorite Holiday music from ya boy in his ‘07 “This Christmas” music video.